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Board Rules
We don't want to run these forums with an iron fist, but in order to make this place a great forum for all Kawasaki owners we must have a few rules which have to be respected.

Inapproriate Images/Links
Along with avatars, you may, however, link and post to images as long as they are appropriate. If you link to images/sites with inappropriate content, such as nudity your post will be edited.

Pornography sites and the suchlike will warrant an instant termination of your account here.

Remember, some people are visiting the site from their workplace and the last thing they want to do is lose their job over a dodgy link.

Insulting people, putting people down, calling names, etc is not acceptable on these forums. If you don't like a thread don't post in it. If you don't like the topic, that is no excuse to demean the person who started the thread, nor is it an excuse to make derogatory remarks. If you don't like it, don't post.

Intentional disruptive behavior including all of the above behaviors or looking for an argument is called trolling. Of course, this is not allowed here.

Spam is not acceptable on these forums.

All of the above will warrant an instant termination of your account here....

Would new members please post a hello in Welcome to the forum before asking questions on the board



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