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Nice. Passed my test on one so I'll always have love for the ER5

Posted Sep 27 2012, 03:56 PM in Pics.

er5 overheating

 by barkas
The noise on this particular engine when worn is usually ( rythmic clicking and clacking from the rocker cover or top of engine, worse the colder the engine is and decreases in noise as it warms up), (as opposed to a rattling clatter...cam chain, which worsens the hotter the engine is).... if your tappets are adjusted correctly, the cams and followers are the culprits, it can also be the little round heads on the tappet adjuster screw that contact the valve stem, they can wear flat, then when they are adjusted the flat becomes offset cos you have moved it, this causes the rocker to slide across the top of the valve stem to one side, then as the cam releases it, it CLACKS back against the inner side of the head so check them with a magnifying glass to ensure they are round. I got new Kawasaki cams from Ebay for £90 each, in a one off sale by Cradley Kawasaki getting rid of old stock, they are normally £250 each and you will need 4 followers at £50 each, so to replace your cams n followers with NEW....£700, then chain £80, new shells all round, oil pump, new rings, gasket set, oil, filter, sealant....all in £1000 easy, and thats not inc a reground crankshaft
or re bored cylinders. For a cheapo tidy up, send cams away to be reground, new followers, de glaze the bores and fit new rings (when fitting new rings to worn bores ensure the top lip of the top compression ring has been ground away to prevent it snapping as it contacts the worn bore top lip....and cam chain, new shells and pump, gasket set all in £700. A replacement low mileage engine is even cheaper but you can be left broken hearted by dishonest sellers claiming "2,500 miles 1 lady owner" only to purchase a overheated or heavily worn used unit form a crashed bike. Your best bet if you are not familiar with engine repairs, is to fone an engine re manufacturer for a quote for a replacement or a rebuild of the existing engine. Or, use a "Donor Bike" ....look around for another ER5, test ride to check engine is ok and quiet, then build one bike out the 2, this option leaves you with a wealth of spares.

Posted Sep 25 2012, 06:56 PM in Tech Talk


 by Celtus
Hi all, just thought id post a few pics of my ER5 which i recently bought with only 7,500 miles on the clock :)

Posted Sep 20 2012, 11:28 PM in Pics.

Hi everyone

 by Celtus
Hi all, firstly a little bit about myself, im 48 and have just got back into Biking due to me spending (over the years) what little 'Biking Money' i had on the Wife, kids, Mortgage ect. So, what felt like a lifte time later, the opportunity finally arrived for me to get back into Biking, due to my Brother selling me his ER5 cheap to me as he'd purchased a Kawasaki Z750 :) Cheers Bro!

I live in South Shields, and use my bike daily in all weathers, mainly due to the huge smile the bike has put on my face :) ...i love every second of riding my bike, even though ive got a car standing at home hardly getting used, (apart from the once-a-week shopping trip) and the Mrs doesn't drive...but who cares! lol... My humble little ER5 has given me a new lease of life!

Posted Sep 20 2012, 11:20 PM in Welcome to the forum

Er5 Losing power!

 by am3x
Hi everyone,

I was hoping for a bit of help! I have bought a second hand 1998 er5 and have had problems from the word go! The first problem was this ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtPhd8zI0tc&feature=plcp ) which has been resolved. ( i think ) I have just passed my test got all my new gear on today weather is fantastic i went for a ride! literally 3 - 4 mins in the bike felt like it was struggling and then eventually lost power and stalled and wont start back up! If i leave the bike for a while, it will start and ride normal for 3 - 4mins then start the cycle all over again! :( it was not a fun first ride. i was wondering if any of you kind ppl could lend me your knowledge on this one? thanks

Ps: If it helps when the bike has had its moment i will start her up and go for a ride and film what i mean if needed.

Thanking you

ALex :991

Posted Sep 15 2012, 05:10 PM in Tech Talk

er5 overheating

 by barkas
If its overheating but the overheat warning light is OFF as you say, how do you know its overheating ?, the warning light transmitter is on the engine side of the thermostat, if its boiling it should be ON, if water and steam are ejecting from the rad cap, it could be a blown head gasket.....this would give your symptom, ...(water ejection / light OFF).... I would first start by checking the rubber seal on your rad cap, is it split letting expanding water eject as if overheating,I would also remove the thermostat, and using a pan of hot water and a kitchen thermometer, submerge the thermostat and bring to the boil on a hotplate / gas, check that it is opening at the set temp that's printed on it, ( As soon as it opens remove it and let it cool slowly) if it IS opening at the set temp, you have just saved yourself £25 for a new one. NOTE...( the thermostat in your ER5, is a VERY common Japanese type, it is fitted to a host of Jap cars present and past and is available from most car accessory shops for under £10).....Checking the Fan switch located in your rad in the same manner but by using a Ohmmeter connected to it during the same test with a pan of boiling water is notoriously difficult to asses, I replaced mine as it was 20 years old. As a matter of course I would also check for dirt/tar and fine stone between the radiator exterior cooling fins, mine were blocked, I had to use boiling water to soften the debris and a feeler gauge to poke clear.

Posted Sep 6 2012, 12:56 PM in Tech Talk

er5 overheating

 by owdbiker
Is the cooling fan operating?If not check the temp.sensor or fan connections.Try the ER5 website too.

Posted Aug 29 2012, 06:49 PM in Tech Talk

er5 overheating

 by hebbles
my 2001 er5 engine is overheating. i have checked the pump and that works.
i have flushed the radiator through and thats all good.
anyone got any suggestions on how to check the top of the head without striping off the fuel tank or any other suggestions what else it might be or i can do?

Posted Aug 28 2012, 08:06 PM in Tech Talk

water from the cylinder barrel ?

 by ER5man
Hi there. This is a common thing on this series of engines. If you go on the ER5 ER6 owners club forum you will get plenty of info on this subject.

Posted Jul 15 2012, 04:25 PM in Kawasaki Chat

internal fuel leak on 2001 ER5

 by bukko0
hi there , tried to get hold of a repair kit for the tap, no such animal, this particular model ER5 C-1 there is not a repair kit available only a replacement tap, which i would have to sell the bike to raise enough cash to buy, so i took out the old tap blocked off the vacuum pipe , coupled the fuel inlet pipes via a t piece and fitted an inline fuel tap, so although i now dont have a reserve fuel setting
as i have the fuel gauge it does not present a problem. so far the bike is running fine and the fuel and oil are wher they are supposed to be, seperate . thanks again all for the advice best regards (bukko0) Tony

Posted Jul 12 2012, 09:27 AM in Tech Talk

internal fuel leak on 2001 ER5

 by ER5man
Fuel tap failure is a common fault on ER5s. Either a rebuild kit to replace the diaphragm or a new tap is the only real answer. Or as someone suggested on this forum put an inline tap betwen the old tap and the carbs.

Posted Jun 30 2012, 03:19 PM in Tech Talk

internal fuel leak on 2001 ER5

 by bukko0
hi there , for some reason unknown to me my er5 has suddenly developed an internal fuel leak if left standing for about 48 hourss
the fuel is leaking into the crankcase and diluting the oil to the extent it is more petrol than oil
i have cleaned the carbs and made sure the needle valves are closing once the float chambers are full and the bike runs as normal once i have drained the sump and replaced it with fresh oil, Last time i drained the oil out there was nearly 5 litres of oil/petrol mixture
i have done this 3 times now and the bike is now getting thru more oil than petrol ,anyone got any ideas as to what the problem is ?
i would appreciate any ideas, i take it that the fuel tap does not have an off position only on and reserve and a middle one that the manual does not describe as to what it does please, HELP
regards bukko0

Posted Jun 30 2012, 10:07 AM in Tech Talk

fuel leak

 by ER5man
The fuel tap is literally a tap that lets fuel from the petrol tank through to the carburettors. They are operated by vacuum so when the engine is switched off fuel will not flow, when the engine starts running fuel flows to the carburetors. If the tap fails fuel flows all of the time and floods the carbs. On ER5s (and I believe the Vulcan is based on the ER5) tap failure is quite common. Replacement or rebuild is the only answer.

Posted Jun 28 2012, 06:52 PM in Tech Talk

My 'new' ER6

 by owdbiker
May 25 2012, 07:55 PM
Bad news, this is England and summer is probably busy elsewhere. Put a thicker coat on and go enjoy anyway! ER6 is a great bike. I have an ER5 and love it. Have fun.
I'm a self employed gardener and typically the weather's not been too bad in the week,but come the weekend...grr grr.Must have upset the Rain God!Cold I can deal with,wet-no thanks;had enough of that when I was a courier.Can't understand why Kawasaki have stopped making the ER5,it's a cracking bike.

Posted Jun 21 2012, 12:03 PM in Kawasaki Streetbikes.

How long have you had yours?

 by ER5man
Although I've only had my ER5 for 3 years I had my 1984 BMW R80 for 10 years and 95000 miles. I intend to keep the ER5 longer and go further.

Posted Jun 12 2012, 07:58 PM in Kawasaki Chat

help help help

 by ER5man
Hi Chris

Don't apologise for the ER5 I have two and love them to bits. As a rule they are very reliable and it would be unusual for the valves to cause trouble. One of mine has 33000 miles on it and has never needed valve clearance adjustement despite them being checked several times. Of course anything is posible so it might be worth having them checked.

ER5 carbs don't take too much to become blocked, especially the idle circuit so I would start with another carb clean and be thorough with it.

Posted Jun 9 2012, 09:12 PM in Kawasaki Chat

help help help

 by moocatdog
snakey drakey
May 8 2011, 04:28 PM
:991 hello and thank you for reading, my name is chris and have a 2000 er5(i know not great but its my wheels)
a while ago the reg went and took many things for company, the bike is in the shop as it ran fine when i picked it up but less than half
an hour after leaving the shop she started to run like nannys left leg(wont idle right and coughs at low revs when moving), i took it back and they reckon its the valves getting tight, never did it before. work that has been done is listed below-

new battery
new regulator
new cdi
new plugs
all electrics have been checked(fine)
and the carbs have been cleaned and balanced
all of above has been done in the last few weeks

would like other ideas before the repair cost far out weighs the price of the bike.
again many thanks for reading and sorry its a long story.
would put money on its still carb clean using gitar wire remove/clean jets and pilot screws

Posted Jun 8 2012, 10:45 PM in Kawasaki Chat


 by ER5man
I passed my test in 1976 after a year on a 125 CZ and a Puch moped before that for a year. I have ridden nearly every day since then and still do, all year round. In the early years I lived close to work and had a young family so only did around 5 - 8000 miles a year. In later years I moved further from work and the kids grew up so my mileage went up to 10-12000 miles a year which it remains. This is split between commuting and pleasure rides and tours. Up to now I've had my current ER5 3 years and put 35000 miles on it. So a lifetime total of 250000 plus I reckon. I have no intention of quitting til I fall off my perch.

Posted May 27 2012, 05:56 PM in Kawasaki Chat

My 'new' ER6

 by ER5man
Bad news, this is England and summer is probably busy elsewhere. Put a thicker coat on and go enjoy anyway! ER6 is a great bike. I have an ER5 and love it. Have fun.

Posted May 25 2012, 07:55 PM in Kawasaki Streetbikes.

ER5 Clocks

 by ER5man
Set of 2001 ER5 clocks for sale. All good working order and clean and tidy. 200 pounds plus a tenner post and packing. Call Ian on 07428117644.

Posted May 15 2012, 06:26 PM in The Trading Post


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