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Build a High Performance EX500/ Ninja 500R Engine

 by JohnnyH
Hello to everyone. I would like to see if anyone can answer my questions.

I am looking to build a High Performance EX500 Engine, I have read through this site and many people say it is worthless to modify this engine. I am not looking for high Horse Power gains, I just want the benefits of performance parts. (I have built several High Performance KZ1000's).
I have come to the conclusion this is the best engine for the project I am building. Since I am unfamiliar with this engine any help would be great!

1.) The Head
I would like to polish and port the head (any suggestions?)
Install larger Intake and Exhaust Valves. ( Size, Stainless Steel, Titanium?)
Racing Cams ( Suggested Companies?)
Cam Chain ( Do I need to upgrade the chain, followers, adjuster?)

2.) The Cylinder
Big Bore Kit ( Companies, largest size before modifying the cases,etc.)
High Performance Rods (Are the stock ones strong enough, suggested racing companies?)
Forged Crank (is the stock one strong enough, suggested companies?)

3.) Clutch
Any modifications or just a Barnett racing clutch?

Suggested jet sizes, use larger ones, suggestions?

Again, Any help you can give me would be great. Maybe some of you that have raced these bikes maybe you could send me to the right places.
Thanks John

Posted Jan 5 2011, 02:34 AM in Tech Talk

What kawasaki

 by CactusClay
I had a 78 KZ1000. that bike was really hot when I got it in 1985. I, too, was bikeless for years because of family priorities, now I have a 2008 Vulcan 2000vn,,,, WOW, what a bike! Low and comfortable, plenty of power and a really great look. for me, a cruiser is the way to go. I rased dirt and open desert when I was young and can appreciate speed and agility, but the low, and high end power of the 2000cc is very reassuring.

Posted Dec 16 2010, 08:31 PM in Kawasaki Chat

Which Z to restore?

 by hocbj23
The 81-82 KZ1000 J engine bikes had Hi-Vo chains ,good cranks,and good ignition systems.102 hp stock.Parts are easy to find and the bikes have a good,stiff chassis.I would start with one of those.bj

Posted Nov 6 2010, 10:08 PM in Kawasaki Classics


 by Zed-NI

Have you bought the KZ1000 ???????????

Post a pic when you get her........would like a chance to feel jealous again !!!


Posted Nov 5 2010, 10:37 AM in Kawasaki Chat

New Member Intro

 by cyclhed
Hello Forum Members,

I just picked up an 82 1000 CSR.

I've been a Kwaka fan for years. My first motorcycle was a 72 F7 175.

First street bike 74 KZ 400

First new street bike purchased from a dealer 81 GPZ 550

Others: 750 LTD, KZ1000, 69 H1 500

Posted Nov 4 2010, 05:30 AM in Welcome to the forum

1983 gpz1100 in sweden

 by gazzr11
Hi there,
They come up on ebay on a regular basis- you'll need the base manual (81-83 KZ1000/1100) and the ZX1100A is a supplement to it.
Also try asking on somewhere like KZrider.com
Hope this helps.


Posted Oct 25 2010, 09:37 PM in Tech Manuals

My Bikes....

 by Z1Wizz

Posted Image

1973 Z1 2007 ZRX1200R 1978 KZ1000

Posted Image

Posted Oct 23 2010, 06:07 PM in Pics.

Howdy from Chattanooga

 by hocbj23
Howdy from Chattanooga from BJ.Bike is 1982 KZ1000 -full resto from basket case.Black mica paint,Progressive springs,Tarozzi fork stiffener,Gixxer brace,ELT oil cooler,J cams ,V and H pipe,GS1100 swing arm,Barnett clutch,fairing,etc.Good to be here.bj

Posted Oct 23 2010, 01:37 PM in Welcome to the forum


 by xxsierraxx
:445 Hey all, I have a '79 KZ1000 LTD. First year with it and had alot of fun this year.
I have a question about the speedometer. I don't know if it is common on these bkes, but my speed seems to be out by about 20%. Mine is in kph so if I am riding with other bikes and we are travelling around 100k, my speedo shows I am travelling around 120k. i am used to it now and really just go with the flow.
My tires are stock sizes. Is this common or is it possible that gears in front hub are different?
Perhaps this bike doesn't have as many k's on OD as it suggests.
Any thoughts?

Posted Oct 23 2010, 01:25 PM in Kawasaki Chat

1st time post

 by burkslaw
Newbie from Daytona, but a long- time KZ owner. My first new motorcycle was a 1976 KZ900. Spent the next year on it, riding 30,000 miles around the country until it was stolen in Miami. Presently own (another) 76 KZ900 in stock condition (except for the elusive original 4-4 exhaust) and a slightly modified 78 KZ1000.

Posted Oct 23 2010, 12:23 PM in Welcome to the forum

Don't delete me

 by kapahulu
Hi I've been reading the forum but had not posted yet.

My current Kawasaki is a 1979 KZ1000 LTD. It's been changed to look more like an A model, which is what I prefer.

Posted Image

I had a 1990 ZR550 (Zephyr) up until last week, it went to one of my friends who lives on another island (I'm in Hawaii).

Aloha, Mike

Posted Oct 23 2010, 07:27 AM in Welcome to the forum

2001 KZ1000 Owner Manual

Hi, new around here and am trying to fins a 2001 KZ1000 owner manual. Can't seem to find this anyplace.

Posted Sep 28 2010, 06:49 PM in Tech Manuals

The New Guy

Just a quick hello, I am Doug and I live in Vegas. I just bought a 2001 KZ1000-P .

Posted Sep 28 2010, 06:45 PM in Welcome to the forum

My Rex

 by Z1Wizz
Its stock apart from k&n filters.....Because of my other bike...

Posted Image

1978 KZ1000.....

Posted Jul 28 2010, 08:16 PM in Pics.

1978 KZ1000

 by richss427
1978 kawasaki kz1000 with a build date of 10/77 this is a 3 owner bike with just 17000 miles. It is stock except for a kerker header and K&N air filters. The paint is all original and is in very good cond for a 32 year old bike. It has not been on the road since 2003 but runs well. It could use some carb. tuning but you could ride it home today with no problem. The bike has two known issues, it does not start with the electric start (just spins when you press the button) and the foot brake is very stiff and does not return when you press down on it. It may need a new return spring or a new master cylinder. The bike will need new tires (they are cracking on sidewalls)It has a new battery,new NGK plugs and wire ends and a new Dyna S electronic ignition.Everything else works, lights,horn,turn signals,flashers.Chrome is in very good cond.These bikes are one of the original superbikes and are fast becoming a sought after collectable. If you have any questions contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks. Rich 631.495.1249. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY AND NO TRADES!! THANK YOU $2300 :711 :256

Posted Jul 18 2010, 05:54 PM in The Trading Post


 by Z1Wizz
The Replacement forums for the old MSN Z1/KZ900/KZ1000 worldwide owners forum is now on line...


This site has recently kicked off, after the demise of the old, well-loved MSN site that catered for all lovers of the mighty Z1 Kawasaki.

This site specialises in technical information & assistance for anyone seeking advice, tips or mechanical advice for the Z1 / KZ900 / KZ1000 series. There are a few members here who are already members of the Worldwide Z1 /KZ900/KZ1000 Owners Club, and I hope that any members here who are looking for specific advice and help for these models, will check out this new site.....

Posted Jul 14 2010, 04:15 PM in Kawasaki Classics

Z1p / Z1b

 by heyjacko
Hi folks...I'm new to this forum, so be gentle! I picked up a '75 Z1P...originally an early police bike which was cannibalized more or less be the P/O's. To make a long story short. I have lots of parts which are not original to the bike and not sure if some (tank) are part of the original equipment (the police package) supplied by Kawasaki. I've already replaced the front fork covers which were the big cast aluminum deals for the police fairing. among other things. I'm looking for info on what parts constituted the police package. If you check my pics you can see I still have the crash guard and running boards which were part of the police package.

Second on the list....I have all of the parts to go from running boards to pegs (for some reason this bike works my hips with the running boards) ....with the exception of the front engine mount bolt and peg studs. I believe the front engine mount bolt may have been longer on the police models to accommodate the running board hardware. I'm thinking of finding a collar/spacer rather than replacing the bolt. Any thoughts?

I'm also looking for muffler replacements the left side baffles got blown out and this thing vibrates like crazy. Not sure where to look for aftermarket mufflers that will fit. KZ1000 looks like a candidate.

Any help is appreciated!

Pics are on the signature line.

Posted Jul 13 2010, 05:04 AM in Kawasaki Classics

1978 KZ1000 Colors

 by Mcdroid
Jun 2 2010, 11:45 PM
lacquer fumes
May 27 2010, 10:02 AM
Did the standard KZ1000 come in black? I viewed the http://www.kawa-z1.com/technics.shtml site and it only listed the red and green. It listed black for the 78 LTD. I have a NOS side cover with no LTD pinstriping so I thought the standard came in black even though I have never seen one. Anybody seen a black standard?
Yes it did come in black, I have one! But I have done alot to it because I like the LTD style , This is original paint, shaner
Sweet! Yes, that is a beauty!

Posted Jun 3 2010, 06:14 AM in Kawasaki Classics

1978 KZ1000 Colors

 by Shaner4z1s
lacquer fumes
May 27 2010, 10:02 AM
Did the standard KZ1000 come in black? I viewed the http://www.kawa-z1.com/technics.shtml site and it only listed the red and green. It listed black for the 78 LTD. I have a NOS side cover with no LTD pinstriping so I thought the standard came in black even though I have never seen one. Anybody seen a black standard?
Yes it did come in black, I have one! But I have done alot to it because I like the LTD style , This is original paint, shaner

Posted Jun 2 2010, 11:45 PM in Kawasaki Classics

KZ1000ltd B2

 by xxsierraxx
I also turn 50 this year and my wife let me get this 1979 LTD

Posted Image

Can't figure out why it won't post the image so I'll attach

Posted May 30 2010, 10:08 PM in Kawasaki Classics


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