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2008 Z1000 seat

 by Tone64
Apr 7 2009, 09:02 PM
I had an old seat from a Suzi gsxf (like an armchair for comfort) & cut & taped the foam on .I've seen prettier but 500 miles through France I didn't care about the looks .Try Digger seats in Newport Gwent if you've got the cash. Or buy a Harley !! :P

don't fancy a hardly movingson, just want a comfy seat!!!!, :256
i have spoken to baglux, and they will build custom seats of my colour choice for £230, :423
just waitng for them to e mail me, to see if that includes gel. :711

Posted Apr 8 2009, 02:02 PM in Kawasaki Streetbikes.

2008 Z1000 seat

 by lonewulf
I had an old seat from a Suzi gsxf (like an armchair for comfort) & cut & taped the foam on .I've seen prettier but 500 miles through France I didn't care about the looks .Try Digger seats in Newport Gwent if you've got the cash. Or buy a Harley !! :P

Posted Apr 7 2009, 09:02 PM in Kawasaki Streetbikes.

Mini Intro

 by patty
Hi. I'm Patty. I just moved to Seattle, Washington USA!!! I got my Ninja 250 in late ''07. I love it. I took the motorcycle class in Wisconsin and did not have to take anything, but the written test at the DMV. But now that I have moved to Washington, I wonder if they will make me test again??? None of you can help me because you all live across the big pond.

I love my little sport bike. I have been out on it three or four times since moving here in January. Too much snow in Wisconsin.

I always feel like wonder woman, when I gear up in all my leather. And the men go gaga, when I take my helmet off. Riding my bike makes me feel so good! I feel sexy, beautiful and alive.

I would like to get a little bigger bike. I'm all of 112 pounds and 5'5" and can barely push this little bike around. I'm thinking the 500. I love the sport bikes. Mine is so cute, but I can't keep up with the boys! And she really just doesn't have all the power a girl wants. I get the most pleasure screaming through the gears. Is that hard on a bike?

I've been on the back of motorcycles all my life, but the front is so much better. And Kawasaki's are reasonable and with all the racing knowledge behind them... I can't believe I waited so long to get a bike. I just always thought they were out of my price range. And I love the mpg. I get 65 mpg most of the time and sometimes 73 on the freeways.

I shipped my bike. That was the longest 10 days of my life. I was so afraid she would return to me damaged, but she's as cute as can be...

Forgive me... Sleepless in Seattle. Have a great day!

Patty :644

Posted Mar 19 2009, 01:01 PM in Ladies forum


 by jimbo3459
Hi everyone.

Joined today after finding you whilst browsing.

Got 2 Kwacks, a '96 KLE 500 and a '99 ZZR 1100.

Love 'em to bits!


Posted Feb 25 2009, 04:37 PM in Welcome to the forum


 by Dick Scratcher
Hi everyone, new to the site but far from new to bikes. I've now reached a "Certain Age" having had bikes cotinuously since I was twenty. Had lots of British tack, one Bianchi, two Ducatis, three Laverdas and am about to take delivery of a ER6F. I have had two Kawasakis in the past, one was a KDX125 and the other a Used Z200 that cost me £180 !. This I purchased for a lengthy trip to France on the premise that if it broke down I'd chuck it in the ditch and thumb a lift home. In fact it went to France twice, northern Netherlands on a rally, two weeks around Scotland including the Isle of Skye, and used it for work for years, knocked up a phenomenal mileage. Roundabout 2000 it got really too horrible to ride, the local scrapyard wouldn't have it unless I delivered it so my angle grinder went through it and a trip to the tip sufficed, should've taken it to the Stafford show and placed a sign on it for £500, somebody would've bought it !. Looking forward to some good trips on the ER.
Regards to all.

Posted Feb 17 2009, 10:42 PM in Welcome to the forum


 by longlostNinja
Well I am beginning to wonder if I will have to go "restricted". I am riding on my US license, but must be tested and pass by June if I don't want to lose the privilege on riding on UK roads!

I have been working with an instructor, when my time permits. Great instructor. However i am trying to do the dam--d U turn on my 500! Extremely tough for me. I did it on his loaner 125cc - no trouble. but heck, this is driving me nuts and I will fail on the day at this rate! Test is in late march.

I got so tired today, trying time after time after time on various bikes that I dropped his (ouch)!

Posted Feb 17 2009, 08:33 PM in Ladies forum

For Sale '75 Kawi 500 H1

 by zbestwest
1975 Kawasaki 500 H1. Wife says "get rid of it!" I am the original owner, purchased it at 16 in 1975. It's all original and in excellent condition. Been in storage for almost 30 years in the high dry desert of Reno Nevada. Pictures available. Contact me at this forum or directly at zbestwest@hotmail. Only serious collectors need respond. Ron

Posted Feb 14 2009, 01:32 AM in The Trading Post

gpz500 alternator oil

 by kennyv50
:oop Hi to all at the owners club, have just brought my first "big" bike, ok only a 500, but its big for me. Started looking through the site, and it seems to be a bundle of infomation for some one like me.
I hope Im not alone, but my first input is to be asking for free info, I brought the bike as a non worker, no spark at the plug, possible cdi fault , the pre owner brought a 2nd hand cdi unit, but still no spark. Both units could of course be faulty. Ive started away from the unit ie junction box, main coils , pick up coil connections and caps. all at present, being guided by the Haynes manual, appear ok Two questions, 1 is it possible to check if the pickup coil is ok, other than ohms testing the unit, ie can one check to see the pulse being sent?, and two 2 when I took off the alternator cover a quart of oil came out. Is this normal, the bike was on its centre stand, or do I have an oil seal gone or has the bike been over filled?
If anyone can help with one or more answers, I would be very grateful.
Sorry one more question, is it possible to have the cdi units checked out at a kawa garage, and does anyone know a good garage near the Croydon area.
many thanks again

Posted Jan 30 2009, 10:39 PM in Tech Talk


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