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gpz600r 1987 valve adjustment; Engine out or work on it with it in?
Topic Started: May 6 2018, 07:08 PM (183 Views)
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Hi everybody, I'm sure valve adjustment has been discussed somewhere here before and looking in the manual, i'm a bit phased by the whole thing, never having done anything like this.
So how does one rate this job. It scared me to death just looking at what needed to be done before you even get the top cover off.
So please tell me, should I take the bike to a garage or try myself, advice please!! :991
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I do my own valve adjust on my '91 750 zephyr. It is shims under buckets, and that means if shims need to be changed, the camshafts have to come out. I have done it and is not big deal, but If I don't have to remove the camshaft for any other reason, I simply zip tie the camchain to the sprockets, that preserves the timing, then just removing the camshaft tensioner allows the camshaft to be lifted enough to remove buckets with a magnet.
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Depends, if you feel you are competent with a feeler gauge, sockets, removing water pipes, understanding the "what valves to measure when" from the manual, sure go ahead. It is not difficult, but work carefully and follow the manual like the Bible. The GPZ600's have adjustable valves so no shims needed, just patience and tripple check clearances, then recheck after tightening the adjuster nut.

Should take about 1 to 3 hours... and do it when engine cold, like when left overnight.

If you have money to spend on getting it done at a workshop/mate, do that.
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