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85/86 GPZ 750 wiring loom/harness
Topic Started: Feb 22 2012, 01:28 PM (903 Views)
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Ok so my first cry for help. I have a bit of a problem with the kawasaki. The bike was used as a rat before, and is in need of a new wiring loom/harness what ever you want to call it... (colchester kawasaki even described it as a dubrie)

Right i have done some research and have found that seemingly between 83 and 87 there were no real changes in the electrics. which im dubious about. but if the theory is correct then and harness from 1983-1987 should fit and work with the gpz right???

Now i spoke to Colchester Kawasaki whos closest match is from an 86 gpz900, but they are not sure if it will fit straight in or need modifying. I have also scanned ebay and found a harness in good condition but from an 83 gpz750, and am unsure of whether this wil fit right in or again need modifying.
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If its the air cooled 750,heres your problem all these harnesses are similar but not the same

ZX750A1-83 Main harness p/no 26001-1504
ZX750A2/A3 84/85 Main harness p/no 26001-1608
ZX750(TURBO) 84/85 Main harness p/no 26001-1558

(After the turbo it all went watercooled (( I think)) and the harnesses are quite a bit different)

its a question of where the plugs are on the frame i.e. ignitor box, in relation to the sockets on the harness,agood example is the right hand handlebar switchgear,some have two plugs some have one.
Try to get the same year if second hand,saves a lot of hassle

A way around it if you do not want start chopping it all about is to source the right plugs and sockets and make patch leads,using the right hand handlebar switches as an example,two plugs at the switchgear make a patch to mimic the connections there then all the wires go to a single socket(or plug) to join the harness,this will savethe harness and the switchgear,if chopping is not a problem,then chop away
hope this is useful to you

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